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  Part1 音乐Music

  1. Do you like music?

  If I said I "like" music, that would be the biggest understatement ever. I love it, not any particular genre, a bit of everything. Music is the expression of human thoughts and the soul of human society.


  I am a rock buff. Actually I like all kinds of rock. Just name a few: metal core, industrial metal, classic rock and melodic death metal. My favorite band is Oasis. They help me get through my tough time.


  2. Have you ever learned to play a musical instrument?

  No, I think. I did try to learn guitar when I was in middle school. But I gave up when I had my thumb swollen and had blisters all over.


  3. Which instrument would you prefer to study - the piano or the violin?

  I love them both equally but I would learn piano first, first of all, it’s a lot easier starting off, and secondly, it’s a great jumping off point to learn other instruments.


  4. Do you think it's important for children to learn (to play) a musical instrument?

  I believe it is important. I think that learning to play an instrument teaches kids important things: comprehension, perseverance, discipline, a sense of pride. With music, they will also learn how to appreciate life.



  Will you learn other languages in the future? 在未来你还会学习其它语言吗?

  Probably, I will. Recently, I am quite into Korean pop songs and bands. So, I wish I could learn some Korean to get to more information about Korean pop culture. Also, I’m interested in Japanese. I hope I could pick up some in the future to help me communicate with the local people while Y m travelling in Japan.


  Do you think it is difficult to learn a new language? 你认为学习一门外语困难吗?

  Yes, I do. I think learning a new language takes much effort to grasp its grammatical structure and pronunciation. I remember, while I was learning the pronunciation of the English alphabets, I often confused them with Chinese Pinyin. It took me almost a month pronounce them correctly.


  What language can you speak? 你会说什么语言?

  Currently, I can speak two languages, which are Chinese and English. Chinese is my mother tongue, I‘ve been using it since I was a kid. English is a foreign language for me, and I started to learn it probably while I was in grade 6 of the elementary school.


  Why do you learn English? 你为什么要学习英语?

  Well, honestly, it‘s a compulsory course at my school. So, I had no choice. But, another reason why I learn English is that English is the most widely spoken language on the planet, which would enable me to get to know more about this world.



  part2 擅长工作的人(新)

  Describe a person who is good at his or her job

  You should say:

  Who this person is

  What his or her job is

  How he or she likes the job

  And explain why this person is good at the job


  How should young people perform on their first jobs?

  How can people improve their job performance?

  What skill set should a manager have?

  Do you think what you have learned in university is going to help in your future job?


  The good leader I’d like to talk about is Jenny. She is a senior to me and also the leader ofthe chorus, whose voice is really softand sweet, like wooing(轻声说) a baby. But that is not the only reason why she was elected as the chorus leader. The reason why we all like and even adore her is that she is such a humble person (谦逊的)and treat us in a friendly and amicable manner (以有爱待人)which I regard is the lubrication(润滑剂) of a cozy atmosphere of our chorus. Moreover she set up an explicit(明确的,perspicacious)plan in the beginning of every semester and make sure that everyone are clear about it. She’d like to see us be really motivated and practical about the scheme of our aims but never be annoyed and grumpy with our sloppy plays(马虎的工作). In most of the time, she simply just encouraged us. A principle she stick to(坚守) is that chorus is that the school chorus is established to entertain the students and none of us should be forced to do something that against our wills. Because of her dedicated work and organization, our chorus have won several consequential(有意义的) prizes in various contests. Personally, the reason why she can be a so successful chorus leader is that she is avid in doing her job well and works as a great role model for us and what she focused onis the social relationships, more precisely, friendships, because gaining other’strust is the only way to convince them to back you up. All these good qualities of hers is exactly the thing I want to learn, and I do believe these thing willhelp me to a large extent throughout my entire career life.


  I’d like to talk about a person who is my friend and an also outstanding leader of our school’s Debate Club. By coincidence, I joined the Debate Club of my university, because my classmates always say that I have the gift of the gab and I’m so eloquent. They recommended me to join the Debate Club so I could show my talents. Then I became a member of the school debate team. That’s where I knew Lin Xiao, the leader of our debate team. He is a law major so he has very good logic. Besides that he has been the president of the student union for half a year, so he absolutely gives the vibe of being composed and self-assured. He became the leader of our debate team as it should be, because he has powerful logical thinking and a disposition of being decisive and contagious. As a team leader, he well set up an explicit plan at the beginning of the preparation of a debate competition and make sure that everyone’s clear about it. With his intelligence and powerful logical thinking, he is capable of analyzing the essence of the problem for us. Under his direction, we are able to advance to the finals in each competition. Besides, the most impressive about him is his unconditional optimism that spreads like sun rays in the debate team admires and respects him. He’s like a role model for me whether in improving my debating skills or trying to be a people-person like him who can appeal to other people. His compassion and the ability to influence people in a good way are exactly what I’m short of.


  Why do young people keep changing jobs?

  What kinds of work do you prefer to do in the future?

  What kinds of work skills are important in China?

  Why do some young people prefer to be unemployed?

  Is teamwork important at work?

  Is it easy to find a well-paid job in China?

  How should good employees be rewarded?





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